We Are Determined

Just imagining a better world isn’t enough. It takes discovery, collaboration and a special kind of dedication to move things forward. Some might say, that’s our calling at the University of Arkansas.

We envision a better world and we’re determined to build it.

Dedicated to Arkansas

We’re dedicated to advancing Arkansas and making lives better. Inspired by the people and ideas around us, we are determined to build a better world.

A Way With

The Power of Research

The University of Arkansas is considered to be among the top power electronics programs in the world by its peers, thanks - in part - to the work of Alan Mantooth and his work with multiple research centers.

The Power

What We Do...and Why It Matters

We improve our world through the creation of knowledge, research and the spread of new ideas, developing solutions to the problems we share while supporting creativity and better understanding. We also make lives better by providing life-changing opportunities and skills. Our ideas, solutions and collaborations make communities and economies stronger. Together, we’re building a better world.

No Small